About Wolf Lake Harvest Fest

Wolf Lake Harvest Fest is a fun filled event held in August as a way to get neighbors and community members together to share stories and make memories! The local farming community and the harvest season has provided the name of the event, and it is a beautiful time to be in the area. Wolf Lake Harvest Fest has been celebrated for multiple decades and has provided a great deal of memories for all involved. Some events have stayed a constant, while others have come and gone. In years past, some events included a parade, mudrun, horseshoe tournaments, volleyball tournaments, kids face painting, bed races, mud wrestling, arm wrestling contests, baseball tournaments, grease pole, firefighter water contests, and more. We would love to include more of these events, but we would need more help. If you are a member of an organization, or you as an individual would like to coordinate an event, we would love for you to contact us and try to make something happen.


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